SO! it was the last day of the school, I mean I'm free from all the work now!! Woo-hoo♪ (Even though I didn't have much to do during the semester...(;’3’)~♪) Well I had the last exam which was for the class of Introduction to Japanese Society and culture. It was alright, I think, well I hope!! I'm happy with school finishing but at the same time, it's a bit sad that I'm finishing with my exchange year at Brookes...↓↓ 
Anyway! I'm guiding you to the campus tour today☆d0047487_314532.jpgd0047487_3155921.jpgThe school zone, ful of green!!

Oxford Brookes University is actually quite big with 17703 students registered (wow!) and it gains quite good reputations as it has been rewarded for the 'Best New University' in good University Guide in Times since 1996.
This uni's buildings are very strange as none of them look the same or seem to have any connections to each other with different materials and colours. It is quite hard to measure the size of the uni from appearance because of this. d0047487_6374785.jpgd0047487_6385817.jpg
The uni shown here is the main campus called Gipsy Lane Campus. There are 4 more campuses in Brookes which are Wheatley campus for business and computing, Harcourt Hill campus for education, Headington Hill campus with SU and Ferndale(swindon) campus (never heard of it...) for health and social care. There are two universities in Oxford and the other one is well known as Oxford University but actually there doesn't exist such a university called Oxford University. Anyway, Brookes has loads of different courses that students can choose based on their interests. At here students can do not only the single honor but also the joint honor, so by the time they graduate, those who take the joint honor have two degrees! Isn't it coooool!?? One more thing! Here in UK uni has 3 years for post-graduate and only 1 year for the masters!
Thank you very much, Oxford Brookes and I will miss you!!
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Sun. 15/05/05 It was such a lovely, perfet day to jump into the river☆!! It was the day when Drew was getting Baptised!! We gathered his place first and then met his family. Actually, Drew had shaved his beard!!!! About 2ish, we, me, Kaoru, Al, Kanako, Adam, Helena, Popy and Fiona caought a bus to the city. We got off and walked all the way up to Port Meadow, I always wanted to go there since Jammie and Remco told me about it!!! Woo-hoo! It took us about 30 min to get there. but it wasn't a trouble at all coz it was such a nice weather for walking and especially I loved walking through beautiful Port Meadow. d0047487_5114780.jpg d0047487_5124776.jpg
On the riverside, lots of people were gathering, participating the Batism Service. There were three people getting Baptised on that day. To my astonish, those people were getting into the river and sunk in there with the help of two people to be purified. Wow!! It was a good experience for me!! Well Done, Drew!! I'm proud of you☆★☆ d0047487_5292111.jpgd0047487_514571.jpg
Afterwards, we went back to the city without Drew as he went back with his family, to have something to eat as we were starving to death! We went to Goose, but it was packed and we had an awful service, which I couldn't stop laughing at! Poor Helena and Popy!!

from lwft to right: Juliana, Helena, Popy, Fiona, Kanako, Alastair, Drew, Mariko and Adam.      It was such a lovely day!!
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I'm stuffed!


d0047487_617872.jpgそして夜はJammieが創作モロッコ料理を作ってくれた。cous cousって世界最小のパスタ料理。レモン&コリアンダー風味のクスクスをチキンに乗せたもの、豆とジャガイモ。このジャガイモが甘くて最高~~~においしいの!!(>_<)
今日のcooker、Jammie と後ろの手や足は、あたしと同じくeaterのしーちゃんです。おいしかった!ごちそうさま☆
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今日は起床が遅くって・・・でも起きたら外は曇り空。ホントは早めに起きて公園ででも勉強しようと思ったけど、はい、終了ー。ってことで、起きたの遅いし、お腹空いたし、ご飯は豪華に☆English Breakfastにしてみました!!

そしてこれがウチのフラットのキッチン。今はきれいだけど、昔はすごかったのよ~~…sigh↓今でこそ、party animalのboysがみんなおらんで綺麗を保ててるようなものの…

English BreakfastってたいていB&B(Bed & Breakfastって、んー日本の民宿みたいな感じ)とかの朝ご飯でよく出るものなんだけど、伝統的なんは、toast, baked beans(Heinz大好き!), fried egg, sausage, bacon, baked tomatoes, mashroomsとか?すごいボリュームあるけど、おいしいんです!!ちなみにあたしのは、トースト、ベイクドビーンズ、ソーセージ、目玉焼き、焼きトマトです!

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Congratulations on me☆



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